They are complicated joints… don’t compromise on care

Hand and Shoulder Physio is a niche that needs to be trained by specialists in their field. We therapists receive quality training by some of Sydney’s leading hand and shoulder surgeons and undergo rigorous quality assurance tests to make sure they are up to task.

Whether you have a complicated hand or shoulder injury, or you are looking for a rehab partner following surgery, you can be assured that our therapists are trained to handle the complicated nature of the upper limb.

Our physiotherapists at South Penrith Physiotherapy have advanced hand and shoulder training, they understand

  • Complicated hand surgeries
  • Tendon repair and tethering
  • Rotator cuff dysfunction and repair
  • Hand, finger and tendon rehab
  • Splinting and stabilisation

Our Team

Meet some of our team members

Alicia Scarborough  

Senior Physiotherapist

Alicia is an exceptionally well qualified physio with a great base of Exercise Physiology. Her personality suits her treatment style- nothing is too hard or too much effort. She is exceptionally dedicated and will explore all avenues to find a solution for her clients. She has a special interest in dancers with a dancing background herself and performs biomechanical pointe assessments to budding ballerinas wishing to progress onto pointe.

Jonathan Trinh  

Associate Physiotherapist

Having a background of participating in social basketball and oztag competitions, Jonathan has developed a particular interest in the management of sports related injuries.

He has worked alongside both semi-professional and elite athletes through his provision of sports coverage for Granville Rage.

Jonathan was also privileged to work with the Western Sydney Wanderers W-League Squad making him the perfect candidate to get you back to sport.

Having also worked in a clinic for many years he has also developed a passion for managing non-sporting injuries such as lower back pain and will tailor treatments to get you up and moving.

Thomas Khoury  

Associate Physiotherapist

James comes to us from the snows of Canada with a strong anatomical and physiological knowledge base which allows superb application of his treatment techniques. James’ Doctor of Physiotherapy degree as well as involvement in the scientific research community confirms that you will be receiving up to date and cutting edge treatment techniques during your appointments. Several years of working alongside semi-pro and professional athletes has made James the perfect partner to get you back into the game!

James' recent research on Tendon Reflexes in NRL players has seen him published in the Physiotherapy and Sport Medicine Journal as well as discussion at the APA and Sport Medicine Conference in 2015.

South Penrith Physiotherapy is a stand out in hand and shoulder physiotherapy care due to our

  • Professional and friendly staff committed to the clients needs, trained in excellence in communication and client handling.
  • Convenient location at Shop T11, Southlands Shopping Centre, South Penrith, NSW 2150
  • Extended opening hours from 8am until 7pm five days per week.
  • Total Care Philosophy is at the core of our model, which will ensure long term results, reduced re injury rates and better client/therapist communication
  • Results based treatment techniques. Our therapists are trained not to do anything that hasn’t either been proven to work effectively, or hasn’t worked for you.
  • Services include; Physiotherapy, Pilates, Massage, and Acupuncture

With these standards, you can be rest assured that you are receiving quality hand and shoulder physiotherapy care.

Shop T11,
Southlands Shopping Centre
South Penrith, NSW 2750
Opening hours:
Monday - Friday 8am - 7pm
Saturday 1pm - 5pm.

South Penrith Physiotherapy conveniently services the following suburbs in Penrith:

South Penrith
Orchard Hills
Glenmore Park
Emu Plains
Emu Heights