Your local Pre & Post Natal physio experts

This is one of the most important times of your life and you will want to be sure that your physiotherapist knows what they are doing and has the experience necessary to treat you effectively.

Pregnancy causes the female body to undergo many physical changes. It is not unusual to experience aches and pains during pregnancy and following delivery, as a result of the constant postural and hormonal changes throughout the body. At South Penrith physio now renamed Physio Inq South Penrith, our approach to pregnancy & postnatal care is quite straightforward – if you have any pains or injuries that are making your life harder than what it needs to be, our physiotherapists will address, treat, and manage them.

Physio Inq, offer highly-specialised assessments and treatments for a variety of conditions to help you through your pregnancy and following delivery. We know that every woman's pregnancy is unique and comes with its own challenges, so we adopt varying forms of treatment including massage, dry needling, and pilates based movements to ensure that you’re receiving the best and most comprehensive care possible.

Our expert South Penrith physiotherapists are highly trained in a wide range of pregnancy & postnatal physiotherapy disciplines

Physiotherapy is a non-surgical method of treating a wide variety of injuries and pain incurred from all walks of life and activities. It is an avenue of treatment that anyone in the public may access. Physiotherapy encompasses assessment of dysfunction, pain and injury using methods that have been tried and tested through stringent controlled trials.

How can Physio Inq South Penrith help you throughout your pregnancy and postnatal care?

  • Lower back & neck pain
  • Abdominal muscle weakness, separation & bulging
  • Breast problems
  • Incontinence & prolapse
  • Sciatic pain
  • Rib pain
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Post cesarean pain
  • Stability
  • Ligament/ muscle strains
  • Coccyx or tailbone pain
  • Cesarean scar pain
  • Bladder and bowel incontinence
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • And much more

What other types of Physiotherapy does our South Penrith clinic offer?

  • Musculoskeletal physiotherapy 
  • Geriatric physiotherapy 
  • Paediatric physiotherapy 
  • Sports physiotherapy 
  • Physiotherapy for Women's Health 
  • Physiotherapy for rehabilitation and pain management 

Manage your body and get the most out of life today.

The South Penrith Physio Team

Meet some of our Physio Inq South Penrith Team Members

Chris Slaviero

Physio Inq Licensee & Senior Physiotherapist

Jonathan Trinh

Associate Physiotherapist

Daniel Groesz

Associate Physiotherapist

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