How to Stop Thigh Rubbing & Other Skin Irritations

Monday, July 25, 2016

Chafing caused by thighs constantly rubbing together during runs can cause a sore, red, skin rash that stings when you shower.  Other vulnerable areas include underarms, along the bra line for women and sore nipples in men.

The best treatment is to wash the area with mild soap and water, then apply an anti-bacterial ointment and if the rash is severe, cover with a bandage.  Another common cause of a sore, red itchy rash is fungal infection.  This can be treated by keeping the area clean and moisture free and applying an anti-fungal ointment every day.


Wear moisture-wicking fabrics without seams or tags that can cause friction-damage to your skin and make sure your running gear is the right fit.  Baggy T-shirts have excess fabric that can cause irritation and the under-wires in sports bras can dig into your skin.

Keep your skin well moisturized because drier skin tends to chafe more and before you run apply Vaseline, sticking plasters or nipple guards.

Athlete’s Foot

This is a fungal infection which causes dry, flaking, itchy skin between your toes and makes your feet and shoes smell bad.  Treat it with an anti-fungal cream for at least 4 weeks, to ensure you’ve killed it all off.  You can soothe the itching with Aloe Vera or by soaking your feet in half-water and half-cider vinegar for 10 minutes.


Again light, moisture-wicking, synthetic socks are best.  After your run, remove your sweaty socks and shoes and put on some fresh, dry shoes as soon as you can.  Be especially careful not to keep your sweaty socks and shoes in a closed gym bag or the trunk of your car where they can’t air-dry.  Dark, warm, moist places are perfect for fungal growth. 

In fine weather, leave them outside your front door when you get home.  You should have several pairs of running shoes on the go, because they need a couple of days to dry out thoroughly, so don’t wear the same ones on two consecutive days.

A sprinkle of anti-fungal powder on my feet and in my shoes before a run works wonders for me!

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